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i love you Jeremy<33


Shew Ya` has been forever since i`ve updated this thing. i don`t have the time anymore, and i can`t really remember what all has gone on since my lastnupdate so i`ll try my best to fill you all in!

♥FRidAY- School, then practice, and then home to get ready for the game..i met up with Jess at the game & the first thing we done was get & we sat in front of Jeremy`s parents til` the Cheerleaders called for the "Spirit Line"..those football players are dangerous!!then me & jess met up with Alex and then went back to st down cause we decided that we were gonna actually try to sit & watch the game..after a while Alex left to walk around & then Jessie showed up & came to sit with me & the other Jess. On the kick-off Jeremy got killed and anytime he would get tackled i would cover my eyes cause i was afraid he was gonna get hurt lol..and Jessie was worried about Billy hurting his knee the whole game so she was almost the same way, but she couldn`t keep up with him anywhere lol. and at half-time Jessie & i lost Jess while we were getting food, so we walked around once & then went back to sit down with Jeremy`s parents.Everyone was getting hurt so the game wasnt over til` almost 10`. After the game Jessie & i went to see Jeremy & Billy & give them hugs, those guys smelt really, really bad! about 5 or 10 minutes later, Jeremy and i walked over to the dance.It was really fun..Jeremy & I danced together the whole time. We dance so good together.And we decided that Chris & Tisha were an older wersion of us cause we act just alike!! =] After the dance, Jeremy drove me home..but he was really wantin` to take me home with him for the night;]

♥SAtURdAY- Humm, Saturday i went to Jeremy`s around 4 and we snuggled on his couch and watched movies.We even fell asleep together a few times..awwh =] Then we went outside for a little bit & threw football & i tried to tackled him. 'okay baby, i`m gonna tackle when i hit you fall down..okay?!' hahaha that was so funny, then we went back inside and ate & watched some more movies, my mom picked me up at about 8:30 and then i talked to Jeremy til` i fell asleep.

♥SUNdAY- I took Jeremy on a date!!Lol..that was so fun!!We went to the movies at 6:30 and Allie & Clifton sat beside us, while Alex & Skylar sat all the way on th other side of the theater..we saw 'Red Eye' & it sucked nuts, i couldn`t believe i payed $12 to see that, we decided that next time we`ll see 'March Of the Penguins'* After the movie we walked over to Arby`s & ate for about 1 hour. I was really cold so he let me wear his pretty shirt;], which by the way smelled SO GOOD!!You know..that only makes our second actual "date" like going out anywhere in almost 6 months..but i enjoy it!I think next weekend we are gonna eat fried bologna sandwhiches over candle light after he picks me some roses from his mom`s rose* I swear i have the best boyfriend in the world!! =]

♥tOdAY- Ahhh...Nothin` special..

♥SChOOL- High school is great, i`m having the time of my life!I don`t mind waking up every morning anymore because i get to see Jeremy ;] it`s not so bad.Weightlifting is hell though..i hate it!Geometry isn`t all that bad, i have YaChang, Heath, & Aj in class with me..and after Geometry i have lunch, then Spanish..i am having a lil` bit of trouble in that class & my Spanish name is 'Elena' & Jeremy`s is 'Hector' lol..and my last class of the day is Adv. English & that has to be my most boring class of all. Jeremy & I now share his locker, and he keeps most of his stuff in mine downstairs because all of my books,bags,etc. fill up his;

♥VOLLEYbALL- WE`RE 2-0!! We`ve been doing so good in our games, we`ve beat Gate City & Coeburn..and soon to be Pound(Thursday`s game).Our practice`s are horrible though..every now & then we`ll have a good practice..but not lately. we might as well be a track/cross country team ;] ..i can`t wait til the end of the season..we`ll be the State Champions this year & then it`ll be more practice!!! =]

♥fOOtbALL- Here we ggo..into another 0-10 season..& believe it or not it`s not our`s the coach. I wasn`t at the Patrick Henry game, but we got killed - so i`mma over look that game.I don`t think these boys are gonna put up with much more of all these "practices" every single day up to 5 hours at a time, and even on holidays..a bunch of guys have already quit, including Heath =[ let`s see, last Friday we played Pound..of course we were doing awsome at the beginning of the game, but Jeremy got killed on the kick-off so i was worried about him the wohle game, i mean that boy got his world rocked; more than once too..but he did score the first touch-down! awwh i was so proud of him..and by half-time we were down by 1 touch down & as always we came back out and LOST!They played horrible the 2nd half..but all the parents were very upset at the coach because he decided to pass the ball instead of run it down their throats and score like we had been..i can`t wait until it`s all over..we play Burton this Friday, so i`m excited about that!!

♥Jeremy & I- What all could i say?? We`ve been through so much since volleyball & football`s been tearing us apart.I can`t wait until our sports are over..then things will calm back down & we`ll have more time to talk & be together.All we can seem to do is fight, but for the past week we`ve done great & I`m so happy. We`ve been trying to spend as much time as we can together to make things better & make up for all the time we`ve been arguing. Our 6 MONTHS is Wednesday!!It seems like we`ve been together much, much longer. I love every second we spend together though, i never get enough of it..We`re so perfect together - I never wanna lose him!

♥fRiENdS- Great! me & Jessie have been spending a lot of time together & now her and the Gahamster are together so i`m really happy for her=] & YaChang are doin pretty good..Jess, Alex, Andi, Priscilla, & I get a long great!! i love those girls..they`re so crazy.I don`t get to spend as much time with Jenn anymore, but we do talk sometimes..but over all everything is pretty good!!





SChEdUlE -

hey everyone..i got my schedule!! =)
block 1 ;; HEAlTH && PE . mrs.parter
block 2 ;; GEOMEtRY . mrs.south
block 3 ;; SPANiSh 1 . mrs.lowe
block 4 ;; AdV ENGliSh . mrs.clark

hOMEROOM ;; 103b .. lOCkER ;;1082

anyone have any classes with me??


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Hey Ya`ll
it`s been a long while since my last update; sorry bout that, i`ve been really busy with Jeremy & the families`
shewies..i don`t remember that far back so i`ll start when i got back from gatlinburg on sunday- i went to Jeremy`s house & stayed for a while & we watched some of the longest yard. so that was really fun // then i went to his house on the fourth & ate with his family..i got there around 12:30 and stayed til` about 4..a lot went on..he tried throwing me into the pond with all the scary lookin` catfish, we played a pretty good basketball game & he got lucky in the end ;) , we got into the waterhose for a while which was really fun, and then..we stayed outside & played for a lil` while. at around 4 dad came to get me & Jeremy and took us home. we walked across the street & got some cheesesticks & a movie. well neither one of us could pick a movie & we argued and i smacked the shit out of him..haha i`m sorry sweetie..umm then we went back to the house & the sauce was cold & my baby can`t eat cold sauce lol/ so i put it in the microwave & he got pissed cause he thought plastic would blow up & i told him it didn`t haha so we argued some more..actually we kinda argued most of the day...but it was funny..and after we got done eating we played for a bit..and took like 5000 pics & made a video haha..then dad got us to come outside & untangle a wire and roll it back up..well we argued for about 15 minutes cause he wasnt doing it right & then he said i wasnt doing it right and then dad came over & said we were both dumbasses cause neither of us were doing it right..shew i think we were out there for a good hour and 30 minutes..and when we rolled it looked worse than it did in the first dad got a good laugh at us.. then we went back in and layed around for a while...then my mamaw & papaw came & brought us some food & we ate again..then we went outside to throw for a while..haha jeremy i saw you checkin me out ;) // and we wrestled in the yard & i won..

well i`m gonna go i`ll edit this update later!

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' ` PRiMPiN` AiN`t EASY *

Hey Ya`ll!
This week has been great! Let`s see...
Yesterday Jeremy cam to my house around 1:45 & we played around outside for a bit then at about 2:30 we went to pick up Ya Chang and meet Travis at the pool. We swam for a lil` while & then me & Jeremy got some food. Afterwards, we swam for about 15 more minutes & then played volleyball. Me & YaChang wooped Jeremy & Travis`s ass!! haha..shew those poor boys got stung by a bee..haha. then me & Jeremy played against them & wooped their ass! ..then we swam some more..[ Ya Chang..i want the jet / now you need to or the jet!? ] haha <--big inside joke..good times guys*
then around 4:45 my mom came to pick us all up & drop Fatman & Ya Chang off..then me & Jeremy went back to my house & we changed our clothes & got ready, then we went to Prime Serlion to eat. Afterwards, we went to the Block Party..which was not really that fun. Awww, my baby bought me a plastic flower that lights up different colors when you push the button!!`s so pretty!..haha my favorite part of the day was me & him gettin` our cartoon pic`s PERFECT! haha..and we danced in the street, which i loved!.anyhoo...around 9:45 or so, Jeremy`s parents were ready to leave but they let me bring him home..we stayed til` around ummm 10:20? and when we had to take him home i was SO sad..awwhh!! i wish i could have taken him home with me..

[[ EARliER tHiS WEEk ]] ; well i didn`t really do much til` Wednesday, i went to Jeremy`s and had a great time - as usual.. / / ummm oh! Well, at my uncle`s party everyone met Jeremy & absolutely loved him!! my Papaw picked Jeremy & I up around 4 and when we got there we just hopped into the pool & stayed for a few hours & then we got into the "cold tub" ( for those of you who don`t get me...the hot-tub was broken, but we didn`t know us 2 retards sat in freezing cold water for 3 hours) haha..and afterwards we ate & then played basketball...and Jeremy kinda beat me cause i was tired & i didn`t have tennis shoes on...hehe* and after that it got a lil` bit dark & the stars started to come out..& we slow danced in the yard for a lil` bit. it was so sweet! haha..

well i think that`s all i need to tell ya ; )

oh yeah! my baby bought a basketball goal for us today !! haha..<--long story


i love you baby!


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